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Weather Blamed For Portland Car Accident: Police Claim Ice Caused Driver To Skid Off Local Bridge

While recent winter weather in Portland may not set historical records, it still created hazards for residents of the city. In addition to making staying warm and walking more difficult, it wreaked havoc with local roads and put drivers at risk. One recent car accident in Portland highlighted the dangers and the tragic outcomes that can occur as a result. Police are continuing to search for a driver who was reported to have gone over the side of a local bridge and suspect that snow and ice accumulations on the road were the cause.

Police Continue Search For Driver Involved In Bridge Accident

According to a February 2021 KGW 8 News report, police state that they believe a driver lost control of their vehicle while traveling on Interstate 205 recently, causing them to go over the side of the Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge. The Columbia River is located below portions of the bridge, as is Government Island. Despite repeat and extensive searches, neither the driver nor the vehicle has been located.

Police are confirming the accident happened based on physical evidence at the scene and statements from eyewitnesses. They suspect snow and ice accumulations on the bridge caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. In general, bridges tend to freeze over faster than other types of road surfaces, a fact that drivers frequently are not aware of. Even going within the speed limit, slick surfaces can cause a crash like this to happen.

Weather A Frequent Factor In Car Accidents In Portland

According to reports from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), of the close to six million car accidents that happen each year in the United States, adverse weather is a factor in more than 20 percent of cases. Weather-related car accidents are a particular problem in Portland. In addition to snow and ice accumulations in winter, the foggy and wet conditions found throughout the year can negatively impact drivers and make crashes more likely to happen. Adverse effects that can cause you to lose control of your vehicle include:

Reduced tire traction, increasing the likelihood of skidding;
Reduced visibility and increased glare, making it harder to see road surfaces and other vehicles;
Reduced braking ability, making it harder to make sudden stops or respond to sudden changes in traffic;
Increased traffic tie-ups and delays, making crashes and collisions more likely to happen.

Snow and ice can also increase accident risks by wreaking havoc with the mechanical functioning of your car. Brake failures and engine malfunctions are common while balding tires and other maintenance issues leave you vulnerable.

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