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When a Car Accident Leave Multiple Victims With Injuries

When a car accident happens, it is often a battle between the drivers involved and their insurers to determine who is ultimately responsible for the crash and therefore liable in a claim. One of the parties may have clearly been in the wrong, or they may be some portion of the blame on both sides. In car accidents in Portland there where multiple vehicles and passengers are involved, the situation becomes even more complex. The following outlines options in seeking compensation.   

Portland Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Leaves Five People Injured

A recent multi-vehicle car accident on Southeast Division left multiple people with serious injuries. According to a December 9, 2019, KGW 8 News report, the collision happened just after 5:30 p.m. between 134th and 136th Avenues. Police are still investigating the crash and have yet to release details other than that it occurred between motorists in two vehicles. 

One of the cars involved overturned on impact, crashing into and shearing off a nearby power pole. Downed power lines ended up falling onto a third vehicle, which was not involved in the initial accident. Five people in total were taken to local hospital emergency rooms. The driver in the car struck by power lines reportedly was unharmed but had to wait for local utility companies to shut off the power before being extracted from the vehicle. 

These types of cases can create questions in regards to liability. Either of the original drivers may have played a role in the accident. Passengers in their vehicles may be entitled to file a claim through both insurers involved. The driver of the third vehicle may be entitled to compensation for the damages he suffered from the driver who struck the power pole, depending on their role in the original crash.  

Compensation in a Car Accident When Multiple People Are Involved

When a car accident in Portland involves multiple drivers and injured passengers, several of those involved may share responsibility in terms of damages. Under Section 31,600 of the Oregon Statutes, the legal theory of comparative negligence entitles you to seek compensation from multiple parties in the crash and in situations in which your own actions were partly to blame. For example: 

  • A car accident happens in which you are a driver;
  • You suffered damages totaling $100,000;
  • You are determined to be 25 percent responsible for the accident;
  • You would be entitled to collect the other 75 percent, or $75,000, from the other driver involved or their insurer. 

If you are the passenger in this type of car accident, you would be entitled to compensation covering your total costs, with each driver liable according to their portion of responsibility in the crash.  

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