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Where Do Registered Sex Offenders Live in Portland?

Sex crimes are among the most loathsome of crimes. These crimes leave victims both psychically and mentally scarred, and the trauma of being the target of a sex crime can linger for life.

Sex crimes can affect us all in one way or another, causing us to look with doubt at not only strangers but also at neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers, service providers, teachers; it’s an exhaustive list.

Research shows that perpetrators who have committed a sex crime tend to repeat the offense. Unfortunately, these criminals often get parole or short jail sentences, and in no time, they are back out on the street, an unguarded menace to those around them.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from being the victim of a sex crime, arm yourself with knowledge. Knowing who sex offenders are and where they live can help protect you and the people you care about from being their next victim.

Portland Sex Offender Registration

The City of Portland Police Bureau Sex Crimes Unit focuses their services around sex crimes committed within the city of Portland. Through criminal investigations, arrests and providing ongoing support to victims of sexually violent crimes, detective and advocates are on the front lines of keeping the Portland community safe against these predators.

Criminals who commit sexually violent crimes are required by law to register with state and local authorities. Our local Sex Crimes Unit has three full-time officers who work to make sure the names and addresses of all sex offenders are registered and kept up to date through the Sex Offender Registration Detail (SORD). Through this program, officers can keep tabs on offenders, and have an easily accessible database of suspects to go to for future investigations.

You can view local sex offenders registered with SORD on the Police Bureau website, or through the state run Sex Offender Inquiry System.

Locating Oregon Sex Offenders

Many of us have heard horror stories about people of all ages and genders being assaulted by criminals who lived right in their own neighborhoods. Oftentimes, these people seemed friendly, normal, and safe. Looks can be deceiving, and perpetrators of sex crimes often use their personalities and charm to ensnare their next victim.

The Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System provides a way for concerned citizens to have access to offenders living in their communities. This system allows visitors to search for offenders by name, as well as to map where offenders live. Simply give the street address, town or county you wish to search, and the Inquiry System will show you what sex offenders are in your area, and where they reside. For example, within a mile radius of the Pearl District, over 54 sex offenders are registered.

The system isn’t perfect, though. It doesn’t list all sex offenders; only sexually violent or predatory offenders are listed on the site. Many offenders fail to register with the system when they move, or stay below the radar, avoiding police.

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