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By Marc A. Johnston, posted in Car Accidents on October 8, 2014

Car and truck accidents are sudden, violent events. Seemingly out of nowhere, they arrive with brutal abruptness, causing serious injuries and sometimes fatalities. As we have recently noted, distracted drivers are the causes of many Portland auto accidents, as are drunken drivers.

Accident injury victims often feel isolated after a crash, left to deal not only with the pain of their injuries, but also often forced to deal with extended absences from work to recover.

The time away from work can mean a dramatic loss of income and change in financial health and security – all of that on top of mounting doctor and hospital bills. Many accident victims feel that they are victimized not only in the car crash, but also by a system that doesn’t seem to care much about what happens to them afterwards.

Fortunately, assistance is available. Our Oregon law firm is devoted to helping Portland area accident victims in a variety of ways: from negotiating with reluctant insurance companies to conducting full-scale accident investigations and taking your case to court to litigate for full and fair compensation.

At The Johnston Law Firm, we understand that accident injuries change lives. Our experience in insurance negotiations can help clients get swift, favorable compensation. We also know that in some cases, negotiation will not achieve the desired results, making it imperative to take your case to trial.

Part of the process of serving accident injury clients is to gather evidence, statements and documentation from accident reconstructionists, medical personnel and witnesses to establish the value of your case. Experienced personal injury attorneys also work hard to understand how an accident has impacted a client’s life and the lives of the client’s loved ones.

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