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Finding a Trustworthy Babysitter in Portland

Even parents need a day or night off sometimes. If you have little ones, odds are your social life has suffered as a result. Those dinners out or nights at the club have been replaced by bedtime baths and midnight feedings. While the thought of a romantic evening out with your spouse sounds lovely, the idea of leaving your child with a stranger may give you nightmares. While some couples have family members or friends close by who are willing to lend a hand, others find themselves at a loss. At the Johnston Law Firm, we know how much your family means to you. We also know how much moms and dads need a break sometimes. Here are some ways in which you can find a babysitter you can trust, while ensuring your children get the attention and care they deserve.

Finding a Babysitter

Most parents yearn to find a responsible, trustworthy babysitter, one who your children will actually enjoy spending time with. At the same time, where do you even begin to look? The following are several ideas for finding a babysitter you can trust:

  • Neighbors: Ask around to see if there are any teens in your neighborhood looking for babysitting jobs, or older adults who might enjoy having children around;
  • Friends: Join parenting groups and ask other parents who they use and how they found a babysitter;
  • Church: Pay attention to nursery workers who might make great babysitters. Also, see if your church youth group has any young people looking to babysit in their free time; and
  • Colleges: Contact local universities and community colleges to see if they do referrals to students looking to babysit. Portland State University has students taking child development courses who would make great babysitters.

While you would be wise to steer clear of websites such as Craigslist, there are other, reputable online child care referral sites that offer background checks and references on all of their employees.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

Once you find a babysitter, you want to be sure that they are equipped to ensure your child’s safety while you are away. The United States Office of Women’s Health recommends the following tips for new babysitters:

  • Show the babysitter around your house, and show them where first aid supplies are kept;
  • Show where the fire extinguisher is located, and instruct them on how to use it;
  • Remind your babysitter to never leave children unattended in a bathtub, and to take little ones with them if they go into another room;
  • Put away any items that could cause injuries, such as knives or matches; and
  • Make sure windows are locked, and make sure your babysitter knows how to lock the front door.

The Office of Women’s Health offers a downloadable Babysitter Information Form that you can fill out, detailing where you can be reached, emergency numbers, and other important information your babysitter may need.

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