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Five Common Truck Accident Myths

By Marc A. Johnston, posted in Truck Accidents on June 12, 2020

Eighteen-wheelers, semi-trucks, and other big rigs are constantly on the move in and around the Portland area, carrying products and materials to residents and businesses on a regular basis. It is important to be aware that the number of trucks on the road and frequent traffic tie-ups throughout the city increase truck accident risks. Most motorists are unaware of the dangers or the steps they need to take to protect themselves when truck crashes and collisions occur. The following are five common truck accident myths that could increase your risks and jeopardize your rights in a claim.

1. Truck Accidents Are Not Common.

While it can be intimidating sharing the road with large trucks, most people are unaware of the actual dangers. A quick Google search of ‘truck accidents in Portland’ shows that these types of crashes happen on an alarmingly regular basis. In the majority of cases, it is other motorists involved who suffer the most severe injuries.

2. A Truck Accident Will Not Impact Me If I Am Several Lanes Away.

When truck accidents happen, they can set off a chain reaction. Multi-vehicle pile-ups are common in these cases, affecting drivers in all surrounding lanes. Even if you are far behind or to the side of a truck, you are likely to be impacted if a crash occurs.

3. Federal Regulations Help To Prevent Truck Accidents.

Federal laws dictate weight limits for trucks, the types of cargo they can carry, and the number of time truckers can spend on the road but often fall short in protecting motorists. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) allows truck drivers to spend up to 11 hours on the road, despite the fact that long shifts increase drowsy and distracted driving risks.

4. Truck Companies Are Not Liable For The Actions of Drivers.

Trucking company policies often contribute to truck accidents. Even if the actions of the driver are clearly to blame, the trucking company can still be held liable for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages you suffer.

5. Truck Accident Insurers Will Offer A Fair Settlement.

It is a common myth that insurers are on your side and are willing to offer fair settlements when accidents occur. In fact, the opposite is true. As for-profit businesses, they have a financial motive for denying or undervaluing your claim. As far as trucking companies go, it hurts their reputation and leaves a black mark on their safety record when they admit to being even partially at fault for a truck accident. 

Let Us Help You Today

Even if trucking companies and their insurers do offer a settlement to victims in truck accident claims, it is likely to be far less than what you deserve. Once you accept their offer, you forfeit any future rights in filing a claim. To ensure you get the maximum amount you need to recover, get the Johnston Law Firm P.C. on your side. To request a consultation,  call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland truck accident attorneys online today.  

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