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Get the Compensation You Need to Recover From Pedestrian Accident Injuries In Portland

Portland has a reputation for being one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the country. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of walking trails and sidewalks, heavy traffic creates significant risks. Pedestrian accidents in Portland are a common occurrence and result in serious personal injuries. In the aftermath, making sure you get the maximum amount you need to recover is a top priority. 

Portland Pedestrian Accident Injuries

The City of Portland area ranks among the top ten cities in terms of walkability. While city officials have made an effort to keep pedestrians safe, there are still a high number of pedestrian accidents in Portland. On average, these claim the lives of at least one person per month while leaving hundreds of others with serious personal injuries each year. 

A recent string of pedestrian accidents in Portland that left one dead and five others injured illustrates the potential dangers. As the most vulnerable road users, even a minor pedestrian accident can cause major harm. Common types of pedestrian accident injuries include: 

  • Back and neck injuries, such as fractured vertebrae and damage to discs;
  • Broken bones and dislocated joints;
  • Burns due to contact with hot engine parts and fluids;
  • Crushing injuries, impacting limbs and internal organs;
  • Head injuries, resulting in concussions and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Severe cuts and lacerations, causing life-threatening infections and permanent scarring;
  • Spinal cord injuries, resulting in partial or complete paralysis. 

Your Rights To Compensation For Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When pedestrian accidents in Portland happen, it is often due to the reckless actions of other drivers involved. Speeding, running red lights, driving distracted, and driving under the influence are all common causes. In these situations, you have the right to hold the at-fault driver accountable. However, when dealing with insurance companies, it is not uncommon for them to undervalue your claim. 

Research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicates that pedestrian accidents in the U.S. result in costs of close to $300 billion each year. Expenses you need to consider before settling an insurance claim include: 

  • Your current medical expenses as well as future treatment costs, such as for medications, diagnostic testing, and follow-up visits. These can continue for years into the future. 
  • Your current lost wages and future losses in earnings due to any ongoing impairments and permanent disabilities that can result from your injuries. 
  • Intangible costs associated with pedestrian accidents, such as pain, suffering, and any post-traumatic stress you experience. It is also important to factor in loss of enjoyment in life due to being unable to engage in your usual hobbies and activities. 

Let Us Help You Today

At the Johnston Law Firm P.C., we are dedicated to helping you get the maximum amount of compensation you need to recover from pedestrian accident injuries. Before accepting less than what you need to recover, call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland pedestrian accident attorneys online and request a consultation first. 


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