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Representing injured Victims In Lincoln City and Throughout All Of Oregon

If you were hurt in an accident, the coming weeks and months promise to be difficult. Many victims struggle with medical care and painful injuries. At the same time, returning to work is out of the question, and they suffer a dramatic drop in family income. At Johnston Law Firm, we receive panicked calls from personal injury victims and their families asking for help.

This is a stressful time for all involved. Nonetheless, Oregon law gives victims powerful rights and remedies when they are negligently hurt by someone else. At our firm, we have represented victims like you in settlement negotiations with at fault parties and their insurers. We know how to create a personal injury claim the correct way, and do not take “no” for an answer. Let us use our experience on your behalf. If you contact us, we can schedule a free case evaluation to go over your injuries and accident.

Our Personal Injury Experience

Accidents can strike anyone in Lincoln City. In fact, hundreds of people are sent to the emergency room every year with broken bones, cuts, bruises, and head injuries due to some mishap which is not their fault. Our clients often reach out to us after suffering a serious injury in:

  • Car and other motor vehicle accidents caused by motorists who drive carelessly or recklessly;
  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents, caused by a hazard on the ground which sends a person tumbling;
  • Premises liability incidents, where a dangerous condition on the property leads to an accident, or where negligent security encourages criminal attacks;
  • Medical malpractice, in which physicians and other medical professionals fail to follow certain protocols;
  • Product liability accidents, when dangerous products hurt consumers due to a defect in manufacture, design, or marketing;
  • Wrongful death cases, when an accident victim dies.

Lincoln City Personal Injury FAQ

Understanding Personal Injury Claims

The process for bringing a claim has confused more than one person. Many victims are in pain and don’t understand who they should contact. Johnston Law Firm has decades of personal injury experience, and we leverage it on behalf of injured clients. Our goal is simple: obtain necessary compensation to make up for the harm our clients have suffered. To that end, we can assist with any of the following:

Damages. Accident victims suffer certain losses following an accident. Some losses are economic in nature, like the cost of medical care or lost income. Others are not economic, like pain and suffering. We request compensation to make up for these losses.

  • Demand package. Your personal injury lawyer can request compensation from the person at fault for the accident that injured you by submitting a demand package to them.
  • Liability. A person or entity must pay compensation if they are liable. Most liability is based on the failure to use care, called negligence. A motorist in Oregon carries liability insurance to pay compensation to those they injure.
  • Mediation. We can meet with our clients and an impartial mediator to discuss the case. Sometimes we can get closer to a settlement agreement by participating in this type of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Settlement. Few cases go to trial. Instead, we reach an agreement with the defendant and their insurer on liability and damages. We can then draft and sign a settlement agreement.
  • Judgment. If a case goes to court, then a judge will hand down a verdict identifying who wins the case.
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Experience with Insurance Companies

Most personal injury claims involve negotiations with an insurance adjuster. This company handles the claim for a negligent motorist or a business that hurt you. As you can imagine, working with adjusters is not a walk in the park. In fact, many victims who try to negotiate their own settlement end up frustrated.

Johnston Law Firm is proud of our experience negotiating settlements for our clients. If you are unrepresented, an insurer might offer very little money. In fact, many insurers try to delay a claim to pressure you into accepting much less than you deserve.

Our lawyers know all the tricks of the trade and can counter them effectively. Our lawyers understand that the first settlement offer is never the best offer an insurer can make. We continue to negotiate firmly to increase the amount of compensation you receive.

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