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Monmouth might seem like a picture postcard community, but devastating accidents happen even here. Every year, people are struck by motor vehicles or suffer injuries in a premises liability accident, like a slip and fall or fire. They end up in the hospital with massive medical bills and reasonable fears for their future.

Fortunately, Oregon law allows many accident victims to seek compensation against the person or business that harmed them. To learn more, contact Johnston Law Firm today. Our Monmouth personal injury lawyer can meet for a free, confidential consultation at a convenient time and location. Based on what we hear, we might recommend making a claim for compensation.

Personal Injury Cases
We Are Very Experienced In

Most of our personal injury clients are injured in unintentional accidents. Despite this lack of intent, however, the fact remains that most accidents are caused by a lack of care, which might qualify as negligence. We can assist anyone harmed by the following type of negligent accidents:

  • Car, truck, and other motor vehicle wrecks—a driver can fail to drive carefully due to fatigue, distraction, or sheer carelessness;
  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents—hazards on the ground can lead to a fall that injures a person;
  • Premises liability accidents—defects on property injure visitors who are owed a duty of care;
  • Medical malpractice—medical errors are a leading cause of injury and death and include diagnostic errors, surgical errors, and premature discharge from the hospital;
  • Products liability accidents—unreasonably dangerous products explode or fail to work properly, harming those nearby;
  • Wrongful death—some accident victims do not recover but sadly succumb to their injuries.

If you were hurt in an accident, we strongly recommend reaching out to Johnston Law Firm.

Don’t miss out on these common personal injury mistakes.

Get the legal counsel you need to guide you through the process of filing an injury claim.

Closer Look at 
Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury claim seeks compensation for all losses flowing from an accident. There are many pieces to a personal injury case:

  • Liability. This is the person or entity at fault for hurting you. You might need an attorney to investigate the accident to fully identify all possible defendants.
  • Damages. Accident victims should request compensation to cover financial damages, like loss of income or medical bills, in addition to non-financial damages like pain and suffering.
  • Claim for damages. You file your complaint in court, identifying all defendants and stating how much compensation you want.
  • Mediation. A judge might send you to mediation, which is sometimes helpful at getting both sides to find common ground on issues like liability or damages.
  • Settlement. We settle more than 90% of our cases. You will sign a settlement agreement which we draft and review.
  • Judgment. At a trial, a judge will deliver a judgment. If you win, the defendant will need to pay compensation determined by the jury.

How to Receive
Fair Compensation

The sad news is that insurers do not readily agree to a fair settlement. Instead, many employ a “delay, deny, defend” strategy which has helped them inflate their profits over the past 20 years. Insurers will often blame you for your accident, which allows them to reduce what they owe you.

We seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including future medical expenses for permanent injuries. We request money to cover the costs of diagnostic tests, doctor visits, surgery, hospital overnights, rehabilitation, mental health counseling, prescription drugs, and more.
  • Lost income and loss of earning capacity. If you can’t work due to an accident, you shouldn’t suffer loss of income.
  • Property damage. We request compensation to cover damage to your vehicle or other property damaged in an accident.
  • Pain and suffering. Bodily injuries cause pain and discomfort. You deserve compensation for this type of suffering.
  • Emotional distress. Many accidents are traumatic, and our clients suffer from depression or anxiety. We request money to compensate for your emotional turmoil.

Most claims are paid out of the defendant’s insurance policy. Do not be surprised if an insurer instantly rejects your claim, often for no valid reason. We can push back on any denial and prove that you deserve the maximum allowed by the law.

Frequently Asked

We appreciate that the personal injury claims process is confusing. We receive many questions from the public about the law, and we include some of the most common here.

Oregon states that you can still sue if you are negligent, but your compensation is reduced by your degree of fault. So if you are 50% to blame, you can only receive half of what you would if you were completely blameless. Comparative negligence helps defendants. They will blame you for the accident and pay you less than you deserve.

There are many deadlines you need to meet. This is one reason to work with an attorney. For example, you cannot file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations expires. The amount of time you get depends on your claim:
Medical malpractice and other personal injuries: Two years
Wrongful death: Three years from the accident that resulted in death

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