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Multiple Vancouver Public Schools Locked Down After Violent Attack Occurs at Nearby Property

According to reporting from The Columbian, multiple Vancouver public schools were temporarily ‘locked down’ recently after a violent assault was reported just outside of a property in the surrounding area. Clark County officials were notified that an assailant was suspected of injuring a neighbor with a hammer in the area near the 9600 block of Northwest 18th Avenue.  The victim of this criminal attack was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Notably, the attack occurred just before 1:00 PM, while all local schools were still in session. Several nearby schools including Eisenhower Elementary and Lake Shore Elementary were locked down for around fifteen minutes. Fortunately, there were no incidents reported at any of the schools. In every case, the lockdown proceeded in the proper manner. This type of quick action is an important preventive step that school officials should always take. In this case, Our Vancouver personal injury attorneys applaud the strong response that helped to ensure the safety of students.

Schools Have a Legal Duty to Protect Children

Schools have an obligation to watch out for  the health and safety of their students. This includes protecting students from bad-acting staff members, dangerous conditions on the property, potentially violent intruders, and even from each other. Young children are vulnerable members of society. When Vancouver, WA parents trust their child to the care of a public or private school, they should be able to have confidence that school officials will always look out for the health, safety, and overall well-being of their kid.

When Can Schools Be Held Legally Liable for a Child’s Injuries?

Schools can be held liable for a child’s injuries if it can be proven that the school’s negligence (in some manner) contributed to the child’s harm. This can happen in many different circumstances. For example, if a child suffered a serious injury because their school failed to repair a broken floorboard in the classroom, that school may be held liable through a premises liability claim.

Though, a school’s obligations go far beyond repairing and removing property defects. Schools also have a duty to ensure that they are hiring teachers and other staff members who can be trusted to care for and supervise children. If your child was hurt in a public school, and you believe that the public school was negligent, it is imperative that you consult with a Vancouver child injury lawyer immediately. In Washington, there are special rules that govern personal injury claims involving public schools and over governmental entities. Parents only have limited time to hold the school responsible.

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