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Personal Injuries In Salem: Common Causes And How To Get Compensation In A Claim

Personal injuries in Salem can impact you and those you love for years after. You have the right to seek compensation when the reckless actions of others are responsible. Find out more about how personal injuries in Salem often happen and your rights in filing a claim.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries In Salem

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries in Salem. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), they impact more than 2,000 people in Marion County each year. This is in addition to a large number of pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents. All of these crashes often occur due to the recklessness and negligent actions of others involved, but they are not the only way personal injuries can happen. 

Personal injuries are common in public places, such as stores, restaurants, office buildings, medical centers, and local parks. They can occur while on the way to work, running errands, or when engaged in sports and recreational activities. Examples include: 

  • Slip and fall accidents, often due to wet floors, uneven walkways, and cluttered aisles;
  • Getting struck by or against objects, such as due to improperly attached shelves in stores or debris near construction sites;
  • Product liability accidents, due to dangerous or defective items;
  • Sports and recreational actions, due to lack of proper training or failing to follow standard safety precautions.

How To Get Compensation For Personal Injuries In Salem

Personal injuries may include broken bones, burns, deep cuts and lacerations, or injuries to the head, back, neck, or spinal cord. These can impact you and your family for years after. When they happen due to the negligence of others, you have the right to hold them accountable in a claim. 

Negligence is a legal term that generally means taking actions that put others at risk or failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent personal injuries. Under the Oregon Revised Statutes, those at fault can be held liable for costs you incur as a result. There are generally two options in these cases: 

  • File an insurance claim: You and the at-fault party may both have insurance policies in place that can help cover the cost of some of your damages. However, be aware that insurance companies are for-profit businesses and have a financial motive to either deny or downplay your claim. 
  • File a personal injury lawsuit: If insurance is unavailable or fails to adequately compensate you for your losses, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be a better option. Our Salem personal injury attorneys can guide you through the process, helping you get the maximum amount allowed by law.

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