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You have paid your insurance premiums for a reason. When you become injured, you depend on the insurance coverage you have paid for to help you cover costs under the policy. Some insurance companies do not act appropriately upon your first claim for benefits, however. In fact, many insurance companies will deny at least a portion of your initial injury claim, if not all of it, leaving you in a very difficult financial situation.

At Johnston Law Firm, P.C., we understand how much you rely on insurance coverage to help you pay for living expenses, in-home care, an assortment of bills, your home and paying off debts. Without appropriate coverage from your disability insurance, you could spiral into debt quickly. You and your family might lose a substantial amount of income when a long-term disability restricts you from performing your work as usual. Long-term disability insurance should make up a large portion of your former salary.

Our founding attorney, Marc. A. Johnston, offers you the high-quality counsel and representation you deserve in pursuing the benefits your insurance is obligated to provide you with. We have a history of success for helping people obtain the benefits they are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and get answers to your questions.

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If you have suffered a serious injury or are suffering a career-ending disease, we can help you appeal a claim denial properly, obtain the claim file to review the information on which the insurance company is basing the denial, and influence the appropriate and efficient action through legal remedies. If necessary, we can litigate your claim for your best possible result.

We have experience working for clients who have experienced insurance claim denial after paying for disability coverage through their employers and through private means. We help clients injured in office settings, manufacturing, retail, construction, trucking, health services and professional services, including doctors, lawyer, accountants and others.

Disputes can arise when insurance providers suggest that an injury or illness was a pre-existing condition or that a doctor they asked one of our clients to see came to a different diagnosis than our clients’ own doctor. Insurance companies are not working in your interests. Only an experienced, honest and diligent attorney advocating for your best interests can obtain the full benefits that you are entitled.

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