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Auto Accidents Involving 
Distracted Drivers in Portland and Throughout Oregon


In today’s society, multitasking is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, millions of people decide to engage in other tasks while they are behind the wheel of a car. Driving is a complex task and requires your full attention in order to stay safe, avoid collisions, and prevent injuries to yourself and others. When a driver chooses to engage in behaviors besides driving on the road, they can become distracted and the results can be devastating.

There are three major forms of distracted driving:

  • Visual – A driver takes their eyes from the road to look at something else;
  • Manual – A driver removes their hands from the steering wheel;
  • Cognitive – A driver’s mental focus is on another task besides driving.

Any of the above can lead to accidents and injuries and behaviors that result in a combination can be particularly dangerous. At the Johnston Law Firm in Portland, we believe that all distracted drivers should be held liable for the losses they cause for accident victims. We represent the rights of victims of distracted driving crashes, so please call our office today if you would like to discuss your personal situation.

Texting and 
Cell Phone Use

The most notorious reason behind the rapid increase in distracted drivers on the roads in the U.S. is the rise in smartphone ownership. With smartphones, everyone feels connected all of the time and is constantly checking their messages or posting information online. Many people cannot stay away from their phones while they are driving and the results have been tragic. The following are some common distracted driving activities involving electronic mobile devices:

  • Dialing or talking on a handheld phone;
  • Sending or reading texts;
  • Sending or reading emails or other electronic messages;
  • Updating a social media status;
  • Taking “selfies”;
  • Playing mobile games;
  • Reading information on the internet.

Texting or using a smartphone involves all three types of driving distractions – cognitive, manual, and visual. Therefore, it is an extremely dangerous activity with a high rate of leading to crashes. In response to these dangers, Oregon is one of most states that banned text messaging for all drivers. These laws are not enough to stop drivers from continually focusing on their phones while driving. In addition, even hands-free technology for smartphones can cause drivers to become distracted, which means these systems are not necessarily a safe alternative to texting.

At the Johnston Law Firm, we know that cell phones are not the main culprit here, but instead the drivers who make the reckless decision to use their cell phones. We are committed to helping victims of texting accidents recover the maximum amount they deserve from dangerous drivers.

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Other Causes
of Distracted Driving

Using an electronic mobile device is far from the only activity that can lead to distracted driving accidents. The following are more examples of the many distracting behaviors in which drivers often engage:

  • Eating or drinking;
  • Personal grooming or putting on makeup;
  • Paying attention to children in the backseat;
  • Engaging in lively conversations with passengers;
  • Adjusting the radio;
  • Putting information into a GPS;
  • Using in-car infotainment systems;
  • Listening to audiobooks or podcasts;
  • Reaching for items on the floorboard;
  • Searching for items in a bag or purse.

If a driver is not focused on the road, they may not hit their brakes in time for slowing traffic or notice traffic or pedestrians around them. Distracted driving accidents commonly involve rear-end collisions or collisions resulting from a driver departing from their intended lane. Such crashes can cause devastating injuries and often leave victims with long-lasting effects from their injuries.

Your Rights 
After a Crash

If a distracted driver caused your serious injuries, you should always seek information regarding your legal rights. Specifically, whenever another driver is negligent and causes your crash, you have the right to seek compensation from them for all of your accident-related losses. Such losses can include the following:

  • Medical bills for any relevant treatment;
  • Estimated costs of future medical treatment for your injuries;
  • Past and future lost earnings from missing work due to your injuries;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life from your injuries;
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress you experienced;
  • Permanent disabilities.

Our attorneys can help you seek such compensation through the insurance process or by filing a legal claim, whichever is necessary to best help you.

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