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Many people automatically assume that their health insurance provider will fully compensate them for any injury covered in the insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance providers often violate their contracts when people need coverage most. Health insurance companies often deny claims or even reverse previously approved claims that our clients depend on.

Do not let your insurance company get away with denying your legitimate claim. If you have had a medical claim or other health-related claim denied, we can help you sort out the reason for the denial and determine if it is reasonable or not. It usually is not, and in such a case, we can help you pursue the coverage you deserve. The Johnston Law Firm, P.C has the experienced attorneys you need to fight against these illegitimate denials.

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We Hold Insurance 
Accountable for Their Responsibilities to You

Insurance companies deny claims for a number of reasons. They act in their own interests. At Johnston Law Firm, P.C., we work diligently on your behalf. We work for your best interests, guide you through the appeal process and fight for your full and fair recovery.

Contact an experienced Portland health insurance claim attorney as soon as your insurance provider denies your claim. Getting behind on medical bills is one of the leading causes of deep debt problems and bankruptcy filings across the United States.

Health insurers deny claims for a variety of reasons. Even if you have paid premiums and have had no other major health problems for years, they might refuse to pay out money you are owed. They attempt to exclude many people by asserting such claims as medical treatments were experimental, surgery was not medically necessary, conditions were pre-existing and a long list of others.

Our law firm and founding attorney, Marc A. Johnston, have been successful in reversing denials for many years. We understand how quickly you can fall into financial difficulties when a claim is denied. We act decisively and work efficiently through the insurance company’s appeals process. If the insurance company does not accommodate your needs through its own process, we will strive for your best possible result through litigation. If a lawsuit is necessary to obtain the coverage you need, we will pull out all the stops to work for a win in your case.

We are proud of our record of success, and we would like to help you find satisfactory resolution in your case. We provide considerable expertise to insurance coverage disputes, and we fight for the rights you are afforded under your policy and the law.

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