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You count on your insurance company to pay your medical bills when you are suffering an injury or illness. The pain and heartache from injuries and illnesses is compounded when your health insurance company denies your claim for the surgery or treatment you need. You have been paying premiums to them for years, or even decades. When your claim is denied, you are flooded with confusion, anger and concern for your financial future. You will ask yourself two questions over and over again:

  • Why won’t my insurance company pay for this claim?
  • What can I do to make them pay?

The first thing you should do is contact a Portland health insurance claim denial attorney at the Johnston Law Firm. Our lawyer will begin to work immediately to investigate and challenge your insurance company’s denial. We will aggressively defend your right to have your surgery, treatment or medical expenses paid for by your health insurer. We will pursue financial compensation throughout your case in negotiations or in a courtroom trial. You can rely on our team to put you on a level playing field with the insurance company.

Often times, your health insurer investigates and denies your claim based on “dollars and cents.” The more expensive your surgery or treatment, the more closely they will scrutinize your procedure and your prior health records, searching for ways to deny your claim. When you need your insurance company the most, they are most likely to deny your claim. The problem becomes worse when they attempt to rescind your entire policy. The process is alarming, and the Johnston Law Firm fundamentally disagrees with this practice. We are tuned in to the new health insurance laws, and we do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call the attorney general on behalf of our clients who have been wrongfully denied. We will fight for all of our clients who have been the victim of the insurance companies “dollars and cents” analysis and will seek to ensure that your insurance company honors its obligation to you.

Insurance companies will attempt to deny coverage in many situations, including:

  • Refusing to pay for an expensive surgery
  • Claiming a procedure is experimental even if your doctors disagree
  • Refusing to pay for a pre-approved procedure or surgery after the surgery or procedure is completed
  • Claiming that a condition is pre-existing without sufficient proof
  • Refusing to pay out-of-network emergency care even when it is apparent you were in no condition to secure pre-approval

Representing residents in Oregon and Washington in health insurance denial claims against insurance companies.

Denial of Life 

When a loved one dies, the payment of life insurance proceeds can be crucial to your family’s financial security and to your rebuilding process. It is common for life insurance companies to launch investigations as soon as they learn of a death. Sometimes, they deny that death has occurred altogether.

If they find what they consider to be material misrepresentations in the deceased application for life insurance, they may also deny your claim. Your life insurance company may also deny your claim by asserting that the death was the result of a non-covered exclusion, such as suicide. Sometimes, the true cause of death is unknown, and the medical examiner and the life insurance company do not always have the final say. In these situations, it is wise to have an attorney skilled at negotiating with insurance companies fighting for your compensation.

Denial of 
Disability Insurance Policy

Individuals can suffer life-altering injuries that result in a disability. These disabilities commonly prevent a person from returning to work and making a stable living. Insurance companies will deny or challenge your disability insurance claim. They will immediately launch an investigation and hire experts who will state that you are still able to work. These companies will state that you are not actually disabled, or that there was an exclusion in your policy. As soon as you have been injured, we strongly encourage you to contact a firm experienced at negotiating with insurance companies and fighting to protect your financial well-being.

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