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Misdiagnosis of Cancer

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We Handle Misdiagnosis of Cancer Cases in Portland and Throughout Oregon

The earlier cancer is treated, often the better the prognosis, and if your cancer is misdiagnosed, treatment could be significantly delayed. This can result in the need for more aggressive treatment and less of a chance of survival.

While Portland has highly respected cancer treatment centers like the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, doctors are NOT impervious to misdiagnosing cancer and other diseases. If you believe you have suffered harm because of a misdiagnosis, please call Portland misdiagnosis of cancer attorney Marc A. Johnston to discuss your case.

Effects of Misdiagnosis

Doctors are trained to recognize the variety of signs and symptoms of different types of cancer. If you undergo a medical evaluation and have any symptoms, your doctor should conduct all tests that are needed to eliminate the possibility of cancer before telling you that you have another type of medical condition. Cancer symptoms can overlap with other types of illnesses, however, cancer tests should be performed to rule out the possibility even if your doctor is relatively sure you have another type of condition.

Without the right tests, your cancer can be misdiagnosed and you may not receive the treatment you need to win the fight against this deadly disease.

Cancer has very specific treatment strategies, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical removal of a tumor and tissue. If your cancer is misdiagnosed, chances are slim that the treatment for your incorrect diagnosis will include any of the treatment you require for cancer. The longer your misdiagnosis goes unnoticed, the more your cancer can spread and become less controllable. If your cancer had been diagnosed accurately when you initially visited your doctor, it may have been much easier to contain and control through treatment. Ultimately, misdiagnosis of cancer can lead to untimely and preventable deaths.

Recovering Financially for a Cancer Misdiagnosis

Patients who suffer harm because of negligence on the part of medical professionals can seek financial recovery for the harm by filing a legal claim for medical malpractice. However, not every instance of misdiagnosis will rise to the level of medical malpractice, as this is a specific legal standard.

Medical negligence and malpractice happens when one doctor fails to act as another similar-trained and reasonable doctor would have acted in the same situation. For instance, imagine that you presented with certain symptoms and a reasonable doctor would have performed a range of tests for cancer. You doctor, however, did not perform those tests and entered another diagnosis without specifically eliminating the possibility of cancer. Because your doctor did not act as other reasonable doctors would have, you likely have a claim for medical malpractice. On the other hand, if you had rare or misleading symptoms and other doctors may have misdiagnosed you, as well, your doctor can likely not be held liable for your losses.

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