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Portland Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney

Were you hit by a car or forced off the road by a negligent driver? Did a semi truck or bus fail to notice you when making a turn? Are you suffering the loss of a loved one to a negligent truck driver? When you have been injured in a car accident, you want a lawyer with experience and dedication on your side.

The Johnston Law Firm, P.C., represents people in the Portland area who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. Our founder, lawyer Marc A. Johnston, has handled over 800 personal injury and wrongful death claims, and is skilled in maximizing compensation through negotiations or litigation when going to trial is necessary. In addition to his experience, he is known for his compassion and ability to craft strong cases that effectively convey a client’s story to the insurance company.

Don’t miss out the advantages of hiring our firm. Let us help you during this difficult time. Call 503-546-3167 or toll free 888-342-7252.

Do We Handle Your Auto Accident Case?

Our firm routinely seeks compensation for clients seriously injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents:

Preparing Your Case

Motor vehicle accident claims require thorough investigation and case preparation. One open-ended interpretation of the facts can leave an opportunity for the insurance company to reduce your financial compensation.

At Johnston Law Firm, P.C., we will review your accident and collaborate with reconstructionists to determine how and why the accident occurred. We also work closely with your doctor and other medical experts to determine the full extent of your injury. This helps us to pursue the appropriate amount of compensation on your behalf. Additionally, our preparation assures that we are always ready to go to court if the insurance company fails to agree to a reasonable settlement.

Auto Accident FAQs

Car accidents can be extremely stressful events. Following a collision, many victims are unsure of what to do, especially if they have suffered injuries. Injuries from a car crash can be severe and can require extensive medical care, keep you from working, and have long-lasting effects. The following are some Portland car accident injury FAQs that car accident victims often have regarding recovery for their losses.

What Should I Do Immediately After An Accident?

The scene of an accident is often chaotic, but it is important to remain as calm as possible and take certain steps to protect your health and your legal rights. If emergency medical personnel advise you to go for emergency care, you should listen to them and seek the necessary medical treatment. If you can remain on the scene, you should do the following:

  • Wait for law enforcement and give them your side of the story;
  • Collect the names and contact information of witnesses and anyone involved in the collision;
  • Take photos of the scene and make notes of any unusual weather or road conditions;
  • Seek a medical evaluation to ensure any injuries are timely diagnosed.

Who Can Be Held Liable For My Accident-Related Losses?

Any party that acted negligently and contributed to causing the accident may be held responsible for your medical expenses and other losses. Some examples of negligent parties in collisions include the following:

  • Distracted drivers;
  • Drunk drivers;
  • Aggressive drivers;
  • Drivers who violated traffic laws;
  • Government entities that failed to maintain, inspect, or repair the roads;
  • Auto manufacturers that sold defective brakes, tires, airbags, or other pertinent auto parts.

It is highly important to identify the correct negligent party so that you can seek compensation from them. The action you take to seek recovery can vary based on whether the liable party is a person, a company, or the local government.

Should I Accept An Insurance Settlement?

When you make a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, you will likely receive a settlement offer. Many people believe their only option is to accept the offer, however, accepting a settlement that does not fully cover all of your losses can result in financial disaster. Once you accept a settlement, you will have to sign a release that waives your right to file a subsequent lawsuit. Therefore, if the settlement is too low, you will have no other way of obtaining compensation and will be responsible for paying your own medical bills and incurring your other losses with no legal relief. Unfortunately, many insurance companies begin with a low offer, so you should always review an offer with an attorney before accepting. A lawyer can then negotiate with the insurance company to try to obtain an adequate offer.

What Happens If An Accident Was Partially My Fault?

In many collisions, more than one driver makes an error that contributes to the accident. Fortunately, Oregon law allows victims to recover even if they were partially at fault, though they will not be able to recover for the full amount of their losses. Instead, the court will determine what percentage of fault is attributable to you and will decrease your compensation by that percentage.

For example, imagine that one driver suddenly slams on their brakes for no reason in the middle of the highway. The car behind the braking vehicle would have had time to stop, except that the driver was sending a text message at the time and was not looking at the road. By the time they look up, it is too late to stop and a collision occurs. This is a common example of a situation in which a driver may be partially at fault but may still be able to recover for some of their losses.

Is There A Time Limit For Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Like the majority of legal cases, there is time limit–called the statute of limitations–set out in Oregon law. Specifically, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim for personal injury against the negligent party. If you miss this deadline, you will likely lose your right to recover.

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is one that is caused by the negligent or reckless acts of another, or due to someone failing to take the appropriate precautions that could have prevented the death from occurring.

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