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Every year, thousands of Oregonians are bitten by dangerous dogs. Many of those attacks involve Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, and other dangerous breeds. Bites from dangerous breeds can lead to serious injury and death. In fact, national statistics show that Pit Bulls are responsible for more than half of the fatal dog attacks in the United States, according to In even more frequent cases, the victim of a dog bite can suffer serious lacerations which may require follow up plastic surgery, and result in permanent scaring.

Marc Johnston is an experienced Portland personal injury attorney, who has represented adults, children, seniors and adults who have been bitten and disfigured by dangerous dogs. The owner of a dangerous dog is legally responsible for the injuries inflicted upon a dog bite victim. Almost all homeowners insurance includes coverage for dog bite injuries, and applies when a loose dog attacks a victim away from the dog’s home. Our lawyer is skilled at finding the insurance policies to cover your injuries, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and plastic surgery (considered ‘elective’ under most health insurance policies).

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There is nothing more tragic than a child or adult who has been disfigured by a dangerous dog. If you or a love one is bitten by a dog, make sure and seek immediate medical attention. Next, make sure and contact the police to file a report. If you have suffered a dog bite in Multnomah County, contact Multnomah County Animal Services at to file a report. Shortly thereafter, you should seek the advice of a Portland dog bite lawyer. Our Oregon dog bite injury attorney will immediately act to preserve necessary evidence, as well as photograph and document your injuries.

A serious dog bite can very damaging and stressful to your life. Hiring a skilled dog bite personal injury lawyer will both protect your rights, and give you piece of mind that your claim is being handled properly. This will give you and your family the freedom to focus on recovery and healing, which is exactly what you should be doing.

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