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Portland is one of the best locations in the United States to live. The city offers a myriad of work opportunities, a vibrant community, and amazing wilderness areas all within an hour or two of driving. In the past few years the Portland area has seen an influx of people moving here wanting to be apart of this wonderful place. With that, there has been an increase in rental prices throughout the area which can make it difficult to find a suitable place for you or your family to live. This may force you and your family into a rental space that is run down or dilapidated, putting you and your family at risk of injury.

Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act

According to the Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act , landlords are obligated by law to keep their properties safe and running in good order for their tenants. Some of these obligations are :

  • The building structure being safe for usual use
  • Floors, walls, stairways, railings are maintained in good repair  
  • Electrical wiring being in good working order and up to code

When a resident is injured due to improper care of the property by the landlord, the landlord may be held liable for the medical bills or other damages incurred. 

Preserving the Evidence

If you or a loved one has been injured as a resident of a rental, it is important that you act quickly and record the evidence of the incident as soon as possible. If a landlord is aware of your injury, they could fix or cover up the suspected negligence and make it seem that they are not at fault. Providing evidence is one of the most crucial parts of landlord tenant cases in the state of Oregon. 

Types of Tenant Injury Cases

Johnston Law Firm, P.C. will fight for you when you have been physically injured due to:

  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Poor Lighting
  • Loose electrical wiring that may cause burning
  • Wood Rot / Cracked Surfaces unsuited for use

If you have been hurt at all by these or other types of negligence, that have caused physical harm, get in touch with the tenant injury lawyers at Johnston Law Firm, P.C. to have your case evaluated and have your legal options explained to you. Call for a free consultation at 503-389-6103, toll-free at 888-342-7252 or contact our firm online. There is no obligation to use our legal services.  

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