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Reduce Portland Fire Risks During Winter Months

Winter is finally here and in full force in Portland. Heavy snow, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures are all part of the forecast for the next few months ahead. While residents are hardy and generally used to dealing with adverse conditions, it is important to be aware of winter storm risks. In addition to making car crashes and slips and falls more likely to happen,  it also increases the chances of fire accidents. Find out ways to protect yourself and reduce these hazards in the months ahead. 

Fires Spike During Winter Months In Portland

While Oregon residents are used to hearing about fire hazards during long, hot, dry summers and taking steps to prevent them, it is important not to overlook the risks during the winter months. Whereas summer fires typically spark in wooded areas throughout the state, winter fires typically originate in homes, offices, or other types of dwellings. 

According to a December 23, 2022 report by KOIN news, local fire departments have been kept busy recently as a result of severe winter storms. In addition to helping with car accidents, they have responded to multiple building fires in the area. This type of fire risk tends to increase over the holidays and continues throughout the winter months. Among the most common hazards include: 

  • Leaving hot stoves or ovens on, either accidentally or as a means of providing heat;
  • Using propane heaters and other heating devices indoors;
  • Leaving candles, fireplaces, and firepits burning unattended or not extinguishing them properly;
  • Electrical fires, due to problems with wiring and other issues in homes and offices. 

How To Reduce Fire Accident Risks

Fires can quickly destroy a dwelling, ruining important documents and personal belongings, and often resulting in serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire accidents are most common during the winter months. To protect yourself and your loved ones, follow these safety tips: 

  • Be aware of common fire hazards;
  • Make sure you have fire alarms installed and that they are working properly;
  • Invest in fire extinguishers and check them regularly;
  • Have your chimney professionally cleaned;
  • Use only a licensed electrician for electrical repairs;
  • Avoid using propane or other flammable chemicals indoors;
  • Be extremely cautious with space heaters;
  • Make sure your dryer is properly vented;
  • Never leave a stove or candles unattended;
  • When visiting other places, make note of entrances and exists;
  • Develop a plan to make a quick escape in the event of an emergency.;
  • Coordinate your plan with other family members as needed.  

Request A Consultation With Our Portland Fire Accident Attorneys

Fires can often be attributed to the reckless behaviors of others or dangerous and defective products. If you or someone you love suffers personal injuries in a fire accident, request a consultation with the Johnston Law Firm. We provide the trusted legal guidance you need in dealing with insurers and in filing injury claims. Call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Oregon fire accident attorneys online today.


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