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Speeding Increases Risk and Severity Of Pedestrian Accidents In Portland

Local residents face significant risks when it comes to pedestrian accidents in Portland. The past several years have seen record numbers of collisions resulting in life-threatening personal injuries. While there are often multiple factors involved in these crashes, speeding on the part of motorists is one of the leading causes. 

Oregon Walks Wants To Reduce Speed At Site Of Recent Pedestrian Accidents In Portland

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) approached state officials over a year ago about reducing speed limits on several local roads. They claimed that the high rates at which drivers were traveling increased the risk of pedestrian accidents and the severity of injuries suffered as a result. Unfortunately, the state department of transportation failed to respond. The non-profit group Oregon Walks has filed their own request with officials after recent crashes claimed the lives of two people within weeks of each other. 

According to a May 2021 KGW News 8 report, two separate pedestrian accidents happened on a short span of Northeast 82nd Avenue, where drivers frequently go well above posted speed limits. Drivers in the area have been clocked going in excess of 65 miles per hour, deposit the fact that the speed limit is 35. It is one of several dangerous corridors throughout the city in which speeding is a major problem. Unfortunately, it is also what is known as an ‘orphan’ road, meaning it falls under the control of the state rather than city officials. This makes making needed safety improvements more difficult. 

Speeding And Pedestrian Accident Risks

Oregon Walks warns that there are a number of dangerous driving behaviors that increase pedestrian accident risks in Portland. This includes distracted driving, drowsy driving, disregarding traffic signs and signals, not stopping at crosswalks, and driving under the influence. However, even when other factors are involved. going too fast for conditions or traveling over the speed limit is often ultimately to blame. 

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), speeding not only increases the risk of pedestrian accidents but also the severity of injuries. Fatal injuries are generally more likely to faster the driver is traveling: 

  • Going at 20 miles per hour or more, there is a 10 percent chance of fatal pedestrian injuries;
  • At 30 miles per hour or greater, the risk increases to 25 percent;
  • At 40 miles per hour or more, there is a 50 percent chance that a pedestrian will be killed;
  • The odds of pedestrian fatalities increase to 90 percent when drivers are traveling at speeds of 58 miles per hour or more.  

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