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1st Party Reviews

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Injured by Negligent Driver

I was hit by a driver who ran a red light in Salem, Oregon while I was pregnant and with my 2 year old son in the car, which was completely totaled. I had to wait 7 months to get an MRI (because of the pregnancy) and found out I had a torn disc and joint damage in my lower back. The pain was almost constant from 2 weeks after the accident, and even after the birth of my second little boy.

The insurance company figured out early I had real damage done and tried to get us to settle. We contacted Marc confused and scared all my medical bills would not be covered if we didn’t handle the insurance company correctly. He explained the entire process to us and re-assured us that they would cover every bit of our medical expenses that the law requires, and boy did he fight to get us that.

They tried multiple times to get us to take a fraction of the policy limits even with doctors explaining I would have to undergo multiple operations. He never once gave in or made us feel like we should settle for less.They tried stalling and different tactics but he called them on it every time. In the end he got us exactly what he promised and we can’t thank him enough.

We have never had any experience with insurance companies or lawyers before and I can’t imagine making it through that process without Marc and Karen 🙂

-Anna Milner

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Hit and Run Accident Attorney

We hired Mr.Johnston after my husband and I were in a hit and run car accident. Mr.Johnston and his firm were incredibly thorough in getting us a fair settlement from our insurance company with little to no pressure. I know that we would not have been able to get the same outcome without Marc and his team. We really appreciated having someone who truly cared about us on our side every step of the way.

-Michelle Echlin

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Two Separate Car Accidents- Within Months of Each Other

I know about Mr. Johnston from Avvo, and I am very glad that I hired him to help me out with two auto collision cases that I was involved as a passenger.  I was absolutely impressed by all the good reviews I saw on Avvo on his profile, so I decided to send him an email for a free consultation.  He happily accepted my cases, which was a huge relief for me because all the attorneys whom I talked to before Mr. Johnston said that my cases were too complicated since they happened just two months away from each other.  As a result, they would not take them.  I was so worried that the insurance companies would bully me if I could not find a strong attorney till I met Mr. Johnston.  He is very kind, professional, and has strong communication that will immediately increase your confidence

-Ngan T.

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A Great Negotiator with Expertise in Getting the Best Results!

I was referred to Marc after I was involved in a car accident and attempted to negotiate my personal injury claim with an insurance company on my own. Even though the other driver accepted liability, and I spent several months on chiropractic treatment, the insurance adjuster and I wouldn’t agree to a settlement. Given my back injuries and need for continued treatment, I couldn’t accept the settlement offer, but the adjuster would not budge in our negotiations. When I hired Marc, he knew exactly what factors to emphasize and wrote an exceptional demand letter once I completed my treatment. Marc negotiated the settlement several times and was able to get a settlement that was far more than I expected and more than twice the amount the adjuster initially offered me. In addition, Marc negotiated with my medical providers and got them to lower their medical bills. I highly recommend Marc for any personal injury claim!

By N.B.

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Exceeded Expectations in Representation on Motor Vehicle Collision

Marc represented me on a car accident. The guy who hit me was uninsured, so we were dealing with my own insurance company. Their settlement offer was insulting. Marc stuck with it and prepared to file a lawsuit. They ended up more than quadrupling their offer. Even after fees, I got way more money than I expected. Marc did a great job – not only on handling my case – but where it counts most – getting a good result!

By a Car Accident client

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Fantastic Result-Where Other Lawyers Wouldn’t Even Try.

Marc Johnston achieved a fantastic result where others were afraid to even try! My Leukemia diagnosis came at the most inopportune time….that is, during a 5 month inadvertent lapse of my disability insurance. After paying premiums for 21 years I was abruptly turned down for benefits. Two other attorneys told me that according to the policy and the law I was not entitled to benefits and that it would be a waste of time and money to pursue it further. Thankfully, I was referred to Marc Johnston and all of that changed! After Marc’s initial review of the facts and circumstances it wasn’t clear what our chances of success would be, however; it was very clear that I was working with someone ready to apply a truly personal approach to my case. Being “fee sensitive” I’ll admit to being a little nervous when Marc said he needed to do some research to see what sort of legal argument could be made. My fears were unfounded because after only a minimal amount of time and money Marc had developed a wonderfully creative and effective argument that he promptly presented to the large firm representing the insurer. Within a matter weeks Marc’s discussions with opposing council turned decidedly positive, and within two months my case was resolved very favorably with all past and present benefits being restored! Thanks to Marc I have gained peace of mind and ample time to recover from my disease….a true blessing.

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A Skillful and Dedicated Attorney who Genuinely Cares

We hired Marc upon learning that our insurance company had denied payment for prescribed medicine relative to my wife’s very significant auto immune disease. The bill was for well over $60,000. We were both shocked and devastated upon learning that our insurance company had denied payment. This could have meant postponing retirement and other related problems. Marc gave us hope from the first time we spoke with him. Marc and his team conducted thorough research and interviews, kept us informed throughout the process, charged very reasonable rates, and submitted an excellent appeal package to the proper authorities in support of our claim. This package was comprehensive, logical, convincing and extremely professional in appearance. When Marc learned that we had prevailed, he telephoned us with joy in his voice like that of a kid at his first major league baseball game, whose favorite player had just autographed a baseball. We are truly grateful to Marc and his legal team. They are dedicated professionals and they are winners!

By D & J

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How to Resolve Being Struck by an Uninsured Motorist

This past summer I was struck by a vehicle while riding my bicycle. I had heard that these situations can be time consuming, frustrating and potentially very expensive so I decided it would be best to hire an attorney. I came across Marc Johnston on-line and gave him a call to explain my situation and maybe get some feedback. I immediately found him to be extremely personable, genuinely concerned with my situation and knowledgeable in regards to all the variables we would need to take into consideration. After he agreed to take my case, progress was swift. In no time he had discovered the gentleman who hit me was actually uninsured and immediately took appropriate action in regards to dealing with my own insurance company. Every step of the way he was clear in explaining what the best course of action would be and WHY. Marc and his paralegal Karen answered every one of my phone calls. They dealt with my insurance company and the various medical providers I saw directly and ultimately had my bills reduced by approximately 75% across the board. All in all the result was exceptional. This accident was unfortunate, physically painful and has sidelined me for the better part of the year. It prompted my relocation and possible career change. It has been a long year to say the least. However, from the very first phone call up until the resolution of my case The Johnston Law Firm has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, always professional, and I could not be happier with the work both Marc and Karen have done on my behalf.

By Jeff

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Excellent Work!

Marc Johnston did excellent work on my case, he played the game well, and also won! I was involved in a denial of medical insurance coverage case and Marc Johnston was able to summarize the facts and present very strong arguments on my behalf, both to the insurer and finally to an expert medical reviewer. Marc’s letters to all the parties involved were both concise and brilliant in clarity. I was too emotionally involved in my case to begin to write what Marc was able to see and plead to the insurer and reviewer. Marc presented the facts of my case and the medical research extremely well. He was able to show compelling reasons for the medical necessity of my treatments. His efforts made all the difference, and we won the case – the insurer has finally paid my claim after many months. I recommend Marc Johnston very highly!

By David

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Invaluable Advice and Assistance

I was in a significant car accident the day I moved to Portland. Being new to town, I did not know many people, and had no experience with attorney here at all. When it became apparent I needed the help of an attorney, I was referred to Marc Johnston by a coworker. The recommendation proved invaluable to successfully resolving my case. The Johnston Law Firm and its staff were always professional, helpful and responsive. The Johnston Law Firm helped me sort through the challenges and expenses associated with my accident. As a few examples, the firm:

  • Negotiated strongly on my behalf, with multiple insurance companies.
  • Succeeded at getting almost all of my medical expenses waived through persuasive and skillful negotiations.
  • Was thorough and helpful at every step, and was strong and persuasive in negotiating with the insurance companies.
  • Kept me apprised as the case progressed and kept me informed throughout the process.

The firm’s research was in-depth, cutting edge and all encompassing, especially as it relates to forcing my health insurance insurance company to waive their entire lien of almost $60K. Additionally, the firm successfully negotiated a reduction or waiver of several other liens. As a result, the firm was able to dramatically reduce the amount of the almost $100K in medical expenses I had to repay from my settlement. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who needs help after an accident.

By Jason

Kept me apprised as the case progressed and kept me informed throughout the process. The firm's research was in-depth, cutting edge and all encompassing, especially as it relates to forcing my health insurance insurance company to waive their entire lien of almost $60K. Additionally, the firm successfully negotiated a reduction or waiver of several other liens. As a result, the firm was able to dramatically reduce the amount of the almost $100K in medical expenses I had to repay from my settlement. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who needs help after an accident.">
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A Gifted Communicator, a Great Result & a Great Lawyer

I was recommended to Marc Johnston after a serious on the job fall that resulted in a compound fracture of my right leg and dislocated foot. Marc took my case immediately and was exceptionally diligent and extremely courteous with his efforts in recovering my compensation. Between both him and his assistant Karen, I was continually informed on the status of the case as well as the numerous conversations he conducted with the two insurance companies involved. I can’t say enough nor speak highly enough about the integrity of Marc’s work along with his entire office staff. He is honest, and a gifted communicator which resulted in a wonderful compensation package for my case. Thank you once again Marc for your dedication and work.

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Denied Insurance Claim-Emergency Surgery

I am so thankful for Marc Johnston. I had to have an emergency surgery that my insurance company denied payment on. Marc Johnston took my case and won. I was looking at a bill of about $30,000. When I received a letter from the insurance company staying that they should have paid my claim in the first place I was ecstatic. I am so thankful that Mr. Johnston and his firm fought for me and my rights. I could not have done this on my own. He is dedicated and hard working. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and explained everything that he was going to do. I recommend Marc and his firm very highly.
Thank you!

By Alanna

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An Attorney Who Truly Cares For His Clients

Our insurance company would not pay for a fairly large claim having to do with a family member’s mental illness. Marc recently helped us get together the correct documents, plus wrote letters proving the legitimacy of our claim. Besides that, he was caring and understanding about the stresses our family went through. The insurance company ended up paying for their fair share of the claim, which is all we were asking for. We appreciate the diligence and caring shown by Marc Johnston.

By S.M.

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Life Insurance Company Tries to Pay 80% Less Than The Value of The Policy

The Johnston Law Firm represented my sister and me on a case against an insurance company who wanted to deny our rightful benefits to our Father’s life insurance policy that he had paid into for 30 years. They wanted to pay us 80% less than its full value. The Johnston Law Firm treated me friendly and professionally. In our discussions regarding our case Marc was always honest and forthcoming with his expectations and our options. Mark’s passion regarding the insurance’s wrong doing of my father’s and to my sister and I was portrayed in his negotiation letters to the insurance company. Marc negotiated strongly on our behalf. When we thought we had lost Marc discussed one last prospect. We hired someone to do research in depth that was all encompassing of Oregon’s laws and procedures on paperwork, elder laws, and other legal formalities. Marc’s solutions were creative and strong. I was always kept apprised as the case progressed and kept informed either by Karen or Marc. Marc and I discussed costs and we negotiated a fair price. Marc was always willing to discuss our arrangement and worked with us on the costs trying to keep them down. If you want to work with friendly, compassionate, and down to earth professionals I would recommend The Johnston Law Firm to any consumers denied wrongfully by an insurance company.

By Insurance Client

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A Very Effective Negotiator

I found Marc Johnston online and then after our initial meeting hired him to represent me with several insurance companies that should have reimbursed me for my out of pocket costs. Marc was very adept at applying appropriate and increasing pressure on the insurance companies. Marc was very good about keeping me informed about what he was doing on my behalf for quite a few months and his opinion on what next steps to take. Ultimately the insurance companies settled just before we filed a lawsuit. The outcome settlement was quite a bit more than I had hoped for or expected. I was very happy not to go through the time and expense of a lawsuit. I attribute these great results to Marc’s professionalism and expertise at negotiating with the insurance companies. I recommend Marc without reservation.

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Broken Bones From Property Negligence

The Johnston Law firm helped me immensely. After my injury due to negligence of the property management at the townhouse complex where my wife and I leased our home, I called Marc’s office. I explained the situation over the phone, and Marc personally came to my home to evaluate the unsafe conditions that led to three broken bones.

Marc didn’t make wild claims or promise unrealistic compensation. He was honest about the challenges and costs of filing a claim, and if necessary, a lawsuit. My point being, that if Marc accepts your case, he does so because he sees legitimate legal reasons for your claim(s).

The staff at Marc’s firm was always professional, polite, and efficient. They responded to my frequent questions patiently, and explained legal terms in a way that I would understand.

I highly recommend Marc Johnston and his team to anyone with a legitimate personal injury claim. They work hard for their clients.

-Jason Hanson

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Marc Johnston is an Excellent Lawyer and Trial Lawyer

Mr. Marc Johnston, he is an excellent trial lawyer! The 2005 accident was not my fault. The drunk driver made an illegal turn and hit me head-on resulting in my 9-yr old son having a broken collar bone and I having overall ribcage damage along with having to get a total hip replacement. Then, the drunk driver filed a law suit against me for his auto damages and his medical bills. So, in 2007, Mr. Marc Johnston represented me in a 6 day, 12-person jury trial. He was organized; always on time; dressed professionally; all his court display visuals were large, clear, clean and exceptionally prepared. He had all my witnesses show up dressed up and on time. Mr. Marc Johnston coached me well as I never had been involved in a trial before. It was a successful trial because of Mr. Marc Johnston’s hard work. I was judged by the jury of my peers with a verdict of ‘not guilty’! Thank you, Mr. Marc Johnston!

By Robin

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A Trial Lawyer for The little Guy

After my case was lost at arbitration, I needed the help of a trial lawyer who could stand up against a corporation that defrauded me and my family. My prior attorney was not a trial lawyer, and suggested that if I wanted to appeal my case and go to trial, that I hire Marc Johnston of the Johnston Law Firm, who was a well regarded trial lawyer in Portland. That was the one of the best decisions I ever made. When I hired Marc I was in a bind. If I did not appeal the arbitration decision, I would be forced to pay almost $4,000 to the very company that defrauded me and an additional $25,000 in costs and attorney fees. I was completely unable to pay that bill, and faced the possibility of being pushed into bankruptcy or losing my house. We had a lot on the line and Mr. Johnston knew it. So Marc took my case to trial and stood up for me and my family. Marc was very accessible by e-mail and by phone; I was never pawned off on a different lawyer. After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict in our favor, and said that the company committed fraud and unlawful trade practices against us. In the courtroom, none compare to Marc. He was dedicated, compassionate and incredibly hardworking. It was clear that Marc was at home in court and he was wonderful, open and honest with the jury. I have never really had confidence in our justice system. But Marc’s work on my case and his willingness to stand up for the little guy against the big corporation has changed my view. There really are great and compassionate lawyer out there, and Marc is one of them. I have great respect for Marc and his tireless energy to stand up for the little guy, like me. I would recommend Marc to anyone out there that wants their faith restored and who wants a top notch trial attorney who will be by your side every step of the way. I could not recommend this gentleman and his firm more highly.

By Scot and Lisa

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Professional Friendly Lawyer who works hard for You!

I hired Marc after I was hit by a car while out walking my dog. I had serious injuries and Marc came to see me after I called him for an initial consultation. He laid out what to expect with a case like mine and answered all my questions. I had a last minute summons arrive on a Friday to appear in court the following Monday to possibly testify against the person who hit me. I was a little freaked out about going into Court by myself and so I left a message for Marc. He checked his messages over the weekend and got back to me and said he would meet me at court. I was so relieved and he was a great support while there and put my mind at ease. As the case progressed, his assistant Karen Blok was a great help and kept me posted on any updates and things they needed to keep the case moving along. I eventually received a fair settlement but had a lien from my health insurance co. on some of the money. Marc was able to get the health insurance company to walk away from their claim and maximized my settlement money. I am so thankful to have Marc as my attorney and will continue to use his services for anything I have come up in the future. He has a great professional and friendly manner that made the process pain free and ultimately successful in getting a quick and substantial settlement. I recommend Marc without hesitation to anyone who needs a good lawyer that will work hard for you.

By Linwood

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Family Saved From Insurance Financial Disaster

Marc Johnston saved my wife and I from financial disaster!  I was denied coverage for a heart attack that happened out of state by a short term insurance company.  My health insurance coverage of over 20 years had ended and I chose this company to cover the 2 month gap.  My heart attack happened during the 67 day time span.  Bad luck was upon us as along with the denial came a hospital bill that was over 250 thousand dollars!  Good fortune came to us again when we chose to hire Marc Johnston to file our appeal.  What an excellent decision!  Marc met with us for an hour, he listened intently and gathered information that was pertinent to our case while having a genuinely caring, concerned , personal conversation with us.  He truly wants to know that his clients are fairly treated.  Marc was thorough and concise in filing the appeal.  He attached all necessary documents that helped substantiate our case.  We soon were informed that the insurance company had overturned their denial!  My wife and I will forever be grateful that we chose Marc Johnston law firm to represent us.  We also thank Karen, his paralegal, for her kindness and patience.  If bad luck comes to you, go to them!

-Neil McClellan

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