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With Adult Beverages Center Stage At Upcoming Portland Events, Know How To Reduce Your DUI Injury Risks

By Marc A. Johnston, posted in DUI, Personal Injury on April 29, 2021

Adult beverages take center stage at many events in Portland. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks on your night off or when meeting up with friends, you do want to use moderation and be aware of the risks. DUI-related car accidents are a common cause of life-threatening personal injuries. When engaging in activities where the focus is on drinking, take steps to reduce your risks.

Use Caution At Events In Portland Where Alcohol Is Being Served

Travel Portland provides a calendar of events going on throughout the area. During the rest of April and throughout the month of May, activities where alcohol is served feature prominently. These include:

  • The Portland Night Market: A bi-monthly event that is designed to showcase local businesses, the Portland Night Market kicks off the season on April 30. Held in the Central Eastside of the city, it offers great food, live music, cultural activities, and shopping, as well as your favorite adult drinks.
  • Cider Flights & Dinner at the Oregon Garden Resort: If you are looking for an evening getaway outside of the city, you may want to attend the Cider Flights and Dinner event on Sunday, May 2. For $199, two people can enjoy four 4oz cider tastings, one full pour of your favorite cider, and a delicious chef dinner.
  • Memorial Day Weekend in Wine Country: May is Wine Month in Oregon. Kick off the summer by spending Memorial Day weekend at one of the area’s longest-running events, which offers tours and tastings from more than 150 wineries.

In addition to these activities, alcohol features prominently at concerts, dinner shows and other local events. While you may be tempted to overindulge, be cautious. Pace yourself, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and have a designated driver or use ride-sharing services to get home.

Protect Yourself Against DUI-Related Accidents

DUI accidents can impact other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DUI crashes claim the lives of roughly 100 people each year in Oregon, while leaving hundreds of other victims suffering serious personal injuries. Alcohol increases the risk of other types of personal injuries as well, such as slips and falls. Considering it often plays a starring role at Portland events, take the steps needed to protect yourself:

  • Refrain from driving, bicycling, or walking home if have even just a few drinks;
  • Prevent family members and friends from driving, bicycling, or walking if they are under the influence;
  • Be alert for motorists who may be impaired;
  • Look for signs such as swerving, going under the speed limit, or driving with jerky stop and start motions;
  • Be particularly cautious at night, which is when most DUI accidents happen.

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