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Insurance Denials and Claims

Life is full of troubling circumstances like property damage, health problems and litigation. Families, individuals and businesses purchase insurance to protect themselves from financial difficulties when those unexpected situations come up. When your insurance company disputes or denies your claim, you should contact a Portland insurance claim denial lawyer.

When your insurance claim is denied, we are here to help.

If you have been injured or have experienced property damage, you expect your insurance company to compensate you for the damages. After all, you have been paying the premiums for years. What we see at the Johnston Law Firm is insurance companies challenging or disputing your claim. They refuse to pay you the money you are owed, and provide a long list of exclusions and reasons why. As your attorney, we are confident in our ability to negotiate with your insurance company and work toward recovering full and fair compensation on your behalf.

“The difference in representation between my first attorney and Marc Johnston, was night and day. Marc reached out to my medical providers and got their unbiased medical opinion for my case. He worked with experts to determine not only the costs of treatments to date, but also calculations for future medical care. This information was presented in the mediation Marc led that resulted in a settlement that was far more reasonable than the settlement offer my original attorney described to me as “fair.” Even though the fee was based on a fixed percentage of the gross settlement, the service from The Johnston Law Firm didn’t stop there. Marc and his assistant actively worked with various medical providers to reduce my medical bills to a fraction of their original totals; more consistent with the rates charged to insurance companies. This resulted in over $10,000 of additional net proceeds to me in the settlement. Finally, Marc assisted me with other financial matters that related to the collision. Increasing medical bills and out of pocket co-payments left me overextended on credit card debt. Marc was able to work with the credit card companies to reduce the exorbitant debt, resulting in more proceeds from the settlement. Anyone considering using The Johnston Law Firm for a personal injury case need look no further. The expertise, professionalism, and customer service of Marc and his staff are amazing.”
– Jessica L.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to residents of communities throughout Oregon and Washington in a wide array of insurance coverage disputes, including:

While the above list reflects the types of insurance coverage disputes we handle most frequently, we encourage you to contact us with disputes not referenced here. We bring considerable expertise to every kind of insurance coverage dispute under every kind of insurance policy.

As an individual, it can be difficult to get an insurance company to treat you fairly. In fact, insurance companies routinely deny claims until you hire an insurance coverage lawyer. Such tactics require a heavy hand, and an experienced insurance coverage lawyer. Having a dedicated advocate on your side forces the insurance company to take your claims more seriously. We will work to get a settlement, but our firm is comfortable representing you through insurance litigation in the courtroom if it becomes necessary. Sometimes, it is the only way to get your insurance company’s attention.

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