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We Handle Construction Contractors' Insurance Claims in Portland and Throughout Oregon

Construction defect lawsuits are prevalent in Oregon. In recent years, our wet climate has led to a flood of construction defect lawsuits, especially related to moisture and water intrusion. Contractors and subcontractors carry insurance policies that are intended to protect them in the event they are sued for construction defects.

However, your insurance company will be searching for ways to deny your claim as soon as you report that you have been sued for a construction defect lawsuit. If you are a contractor or subcontractor who has been sued, may be sued, or if your insurance company has denied your claim, you need to contact a Portland construction contractor insurance dispute attorney immediately.

Being Sued for Construction Defects Is Stressful.

As soon as you are sued or threatened with a lawsuit, your natural inclination is to contact your insurance company to either pay for the damage or pay for your legal defense. Resist that urge and contact a lawyer instead.

Johnston Law Firm, P.C., works to protect the rights of contractors and subcontractors in Oregon and Washington.

If you contact your insurance company, the company will start a file and begin to accumulate data to find a reason to deny your claim. If you retain an attorney first, you will be better protected.

Having Your Insurer Deny Coverage Can Be Worse

Your insurance company owes you two very important duties. First, if any claim in the lawsuit against you may be covered by your insurance policy, the insurance company must hire and pay for legal counsel to defend you. Second, if the claim against you is covered under the policy, the insurer must pay for any settlement or judgment against you.

Often, when a lawsuit is brought against a construction contractor, the insurance company will deny paying for your legal defense, while subsequently denying to pay for any settlement or judgment against your company. Although the insurance company will argue several reasons why it is denying your claim, we will aggressively fight each reason. You can count on us to have your best interests in mind, while we seek to make your insurer pay for your defense and for any settlement on your behalf.

As you are defended on the underlying claim by your appointed defense counsel, we will continue to work with your insurer to make sure they honor their obligation to pay for any settlement or judgment against you. That allows you to focus on running your business.

Commercial Liability Insurance

General commercial liability (GCL) insurance policies protect businesses against claims for property damage and bodily injury. These policies typically provide coverage for construction defects, water damage, fire damage, lightning damage and explosions. It is wise to contact us immediately in the event you are sued or experience one of these events, so we can work with the insurance company on your behalf.

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